The Ideal Headcam for the Performer and the Operator

Quality Engineering, Extreme Comfort, Great Price

Faceware has been building professional head-mounted cameras for facial motion capture for over 10 years. Use the widget to the right to see a 360 view of our latest model, the ProHD Mark III. Our ProHD headcam combines industry-proven engineering experience with comfortable, fiberglass molded helmets, sturdy and shake-free camera bars, a high-quality SDI video signal, and an HD monocular RGB camera for the best headcam experience you can get.

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ProHD at-a-glance

The Mark III ProHD Headcam System is designed to capture HD video of any actor’s facial performance.

The Gold Standard

Focused on 3 principles: adaptability, robustness, and ease of use

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The Best System Money Can Buy 

Performance capture starts with good data.

Perfect for high quality video capture in any size volume, with built-in key lighting so actors can look in any direction on the stage. Our rugged engineering resists damage on set and there are no markers to knock off.

The ProHD Headcam includes everything you need for high-quality facial motion capture. Extend your shoots with 4-8 hours of battery life. Most importantly, our design minimizes equipment on the actor and your technicians can monitor what they are actually capturing; not by viewing a proxy or lower-resolution feed.

Also available in our Professional Complete Systems is a digital video recorder which can be controlled via Web Portal or Python script.



Built for Facial Motion Capture

Built on 10+ years of capture experience.

We have taken painstaking measures to ensure every bit of hardware engineering that went into our system was focused on one thing: Performance.

In head-mounted capture, stability is the toughest challenge, which is why we embed steel into the fiberglass mesh of our helmets for maximum steadiness. However, our Headcams are not just designed around the needs of your technicians, but also with your performers in mind. When capturing your talent’s face, you want to ensure they are comfortable to deliver the best performance possible. This is why we created custom-formed fiberglass helmets that can be worn for weeks-on-end without fatigue. The helmet rests high on your performers head, allowing unrestricted brow movement. We drop the camera mounting bars down and out of your actor’s eye line to reduce distraction. Even our camera lenses were specifically selected for facial capture to minimize distortion.

Since 2006 our team of experts have been building headrigs by incorporating professional feedback and engineering dozens of advancements in order to provide the premiere system to fulfill your capture needs, fit your pipeline, and meet your budget.

Record Your Way

Standard video signals, planned for post-production

Our camera sports a current gen HD sensor and glass optics for excellent color, sharpness, and latitude while outputting an HD-SDI signal that can fit into any production pipeline. Fixed frame rates, long cable runs, 1 millisecond/near lossless professional wireless, manual camera controls, and interchangeable lenses.

Capture with professional off the shelf decks or capture cards like the AJA Ki Pro or Blackmagic decklink or ultrastudio devices, embed timecode and reference audio and name your clips, recording in direct to edit codecs like Prores or DNxHD.

Trigger any number of recorders or channels. No rendering, no manual syncing. Make post easy and save real money.

For complete turnkey solutions, be sure to check out all of the options we have with our Professional Headcam Systems.



Stream Video Directly into Faceware Software 

Animate Instantly or Record for Later Use

The ProHD Headcam System is a complete system that includes an SDI to USB 3.0 video converter, enabling instant animation with Faceware Live 2.0, or performance recording directly to Analyzer 3.0 with the new Capture feature.

Watch video capture examples from our headcams

Pro HD Headcam Technical Specs


  • Fiberglass (3 helmets):
  • Provides ultimate camera rigidity
  • 3 helmet sizes (small, medium, and large)
  • Designed specifically for head mounted capture
  • Embedded steel plates in side walls
  • ½” Steel ball joint with anodized aluminum blocks for quick and secure camera mounting
  • Interchangeable, machine washable helmet padding in 1/8”, ¼”, and ½” thicknesses
  • Proven on dozens of sets Worldwide
  • Place optical markers or sensors anywhere on the helmet for use with body mocap
  • Silent operation, you can put microphones anywhere


  • HD Microcamera
  • 1/3″ Panasonic CMOS chip
  • Progressive Scan
  • 720p 59.94 HD-SDI output (30, 60, 25, or 50 available on request)
  • Camera head with lights and bar mounts weigh ~3oz
  • 2.9mm, 4mm, and 5mm hi rez glass lenses
  • Extremely light weight- no neck strain design
  • Manual focus
  • On Screen Display Joystick on camera body
  • 12v DC ± 10%

Camera Bars:

  • ¼” anodized 6061 aluminum tubing
  • Six actor-friendly camera mounting bars
    • Left mount drop-design 7“ (17.78 cm) (wide-angle)
    • Left mount drop-design 10“ (25.4 cm) (standard)
    • Right mount drop-design 7“ (17.78 cm) (wide-angle)
    • Right mount drop-design 10“ (25.4 cm) (standard)
    • Hoop dual-side mount 7“ (17.78 cm) (wide-angle)
    • Hoop dual-side mount 10“ (25.4 cm) (standard)

Mount and Lights:

  • Seven-axis angle adjustment for rapid framing
  • Two-piece light weight, high strength, laser sintered nylon camera mount with integrated lighting box
  • M3 black steel hardware
  • 3 SMD LED panel
  • Wide throw beam, virtually no heat
  • 3200K color temperature
  • 10v to 30v DC operating range
  • LEDs in mini-softbox with permanent diffusion panel
  • Mini 4 pin xlr power plugs
  • Two-piece light weight, high strength, laser sintered nylon camera mount with integrated lighting box
  • Rotary dimmer built into light switch


  • Constructed from 2” heavy nylon web grip belt
  • Velcro lined inside and out (for easy mocap suit placement)
  • Adjustable from 22” (55.88cm) to 49” (124.46cm)
  • Straps and rivet points included to mount battery plate, and optional wireless transmitter

Power System:

  • Locking battery plates
  • 12v DC output
  • All components run off one rechargeable battery
  • Uses standard Sony L Series batteries, Sony branded or generic, available with 2, 4, or 6 cells
  • 2 batteries included
  • Long running time; 4 cell batteries run 8 hours without wireless, 4 hours with wireless
  • Dual battery charger included


  • 2’, 25’, and 75’ Canare HD-SDI cables


  • Tool kit for mounting plates and camera adjustments
  • Pelican 1620 flight case

Pro HD Wireless Video System:  

  • Bolt Pro 300 Transmitter:
    • HD-SDI, resolution up to 1080p 60 fps
    • Wireless range: up to 300 ft (90m)
    • Realtime transmission (delay less than 1 millisecond)
    • Low power ~6.5W
    • Milled aluminum chassis
    • Multiple mounting options with 1/4” holes
    • Custom Faceware Pro HD Headcam mounting plate and Power Harness
    • Weight: 9.2 oz
    • Size: 27 x 66.1 x 112.3mm
    • Can co-exist with Wifi and 5 GHz cordless phones
    • US approved frequencies 5.19-5.23 GHz, 5.27-5.67 GHz, 5.67 GHz, and 5.755-5.795 GHz
    • EU and JP approved frequencies 5.19-5.23 GHz, 5.27-5.67 GHz
  • Receiver:
    • Dual HD-SDI Output
    • Resolutions up to 1080p 60 fps
    • Low power ~8.2W
    • 1/4” Through-hole for easy mounting
    • Size: 25.2 x 88.9 x 146.5mm
    • Includes universal clamp mount