Experience Matters.

This gallery is a record of our successes in 12 years of experience building facial motion capture software.  We’ve had the privilege to be a part of the facial pipelines on over 90 successful titles with dozens of clients around the world.  We do work in features films, video games, apps, commercials, music videos, web series, and any other medium where you’ll find facial animation.  Take a look at the galleries below, you may recognize some of your favorite titles and studios.

Professional Projects That Have Used Faceware
Years in Business
Combined Years of Facial Research Experience

Featured Project

Star Wars Battlefront II – EA Dice / EA Capture Lab

The legendary franchise returns in this epic action shooter that brings gamers face-to-face with some of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars universe. In a thrilling new narrative unfolding after the Return of the Jedi, the elite Inferno Squad fights to complete missions that no one else can and save the Empire in its most desperate hour.


Faceware Client Gallery

We're proud to have satisfied clients on six continents in over 46 countries, including:

Blizzard 150x150 Bethesda 150x150 2K 150x150 Activision 150x150 Atomic Fiction 150x150 CIG 150x150 CCP 150x150 EA 150x150 Infinity Ward 150x150 Netherrealm 150x150 ID 150x150 Rockstar 150x150 Nvidia 150x150 Ubisoft 150x150  ZOIC 150x150 Yukes 150x150 Yuanpei University 150x150 XVIII Entertainment 150x150 WB Interactive 150x150 Walt Disney Pictures 150x150 VR 150x150  Vicon 150x150 Versatile 150x150 USC 150x150 University of Utah 150x150 University of Toronto 150x150 University of Sheffield 150x150 University of Portsmouth 150x150 University of North Carolina Asheville 150x150 University of Central Oklahoma 150x150 Universite Laval 150x150 Universal Singapore 150x150 Unity 150x150 UNFCU 150x150 UC Irvine 150x150 UC Davis 150x150  Two Bit Circus 150x150 Twisted Pixel 150x150 TV Globo 150x150 Trinity College Dublin 150x150 Toei Animation 150x150 THQ 150x150 Technicolor India 150x150 Techland 150x150 Tata 150x150 SVGA 150x150 Studio Bokan 150x150 Square Enix 150x150 Spark Plug Games 150x150 Soovii 150x150 Sledgehammer 150x150 Slant Six Games 150x150 SIDM 150x150 Shirogumi 500x500 Sheffield Hallam University 150x150 SCEA 150x150 Satelight 150x150 Room414 150x150 Rocksteady 150x150 Rockstar 150x150 RMIT 150x150 Rival Theory 150x150 RFX 150x150 Raven 150x150 Qinetiq 150x150 PUCRS 150x150 Psyop 150x150 Playabl 150x150 Platige 150x150 Plastic Wax 150x150 Ou-Lei 150x150 Orlando Tech 150x150 Original Force 150x150 Organic Motion 150x150 Ohio State 150x150 Ocher 150x150  NuMedia Health 150x150 NTC 150x150 NHK 150x150  Motion Theory 150x150 Motion Media 150x150 Monolith 150x150 Mixamo 150x150 Mimic 150x150 Microsoft 150x150 Metricminds 150x150 Medical Cyberworlds 150x150 Marza 150x150 Machine Games 150x150 Level 5 150x150 La Posta 150x150 Klip 150x150 Just Cause Entertainment 150x150 JBI 150x150 Jadason 150x150 Inxile 150x150 Intellectechs 150x150 Instituto de Telecomunicacoes 150x150 INSART 150x150  Imaginarium 150x150 Image Metrics 150x150 IEA 150x150  House of Moves 150x150 Holovis 150x150 Hochschule 150x150 HKU 150x150 Hazelight 150x150 HAW Hamburg 150x150 Gradient Effects 150x150 Giant Studios 150x150 GFK 150x150 Gaming Corps 150x150 Game On Audio 150x150 Funcom 150x150 Framestore 150x150 Foundry Forty-Two 150x150 Fantasy Lab 150x150 Evergreen 150x150 Evengi 150x150 Eidos 150x150 East China Normal University 150x150  Drexel 150x150 Double Negative 150x150 Dot Motion Studio 150x150 Dongseo University 150x150 DOD 150x150 Disney Interactive 150x150 Digital Media Institute 150x150 Digital Domain 150x150 Digic 150x150 Deakin 150x150 Da-Studio 150x150 Daqri 150x150 Crytek 150x150 Crescent 150x150 Creature Art & Mechanics 150x150 CounterPunch 150x150 Codemasters 150x150 Clemson 150x150 Clackamas 150x150 City Interactive 150x150  Chapman 150x150 CEB 150x150 CD Projekt Red 150x150  CBS Digital 150x150 Capture Lab 150x150 Capital Normal University 150x150 Camouflaj 150x150 Bungie 150x150 Broadcast Equipment Corporation 150x150 Boco 150x150 Blur 150x150  Bio X 150x150 Binari Sonori 150x150  Be Top Japan 150x150 Bandai Namco 150x150 Axis 3D 150x150 AudioMotion 150x150  Asobo 150x150 ASB 150x150 new reform web temp NEW Animation Vertigo 150x150 Animatic Media 150x150 Anima 150x150 Analog 150x150 Alvernia 150x150 Aim 150x150  Print 4D Brain 150x150 3D Scenica 150x150  Vitruvian 150x150

Faceware Project Gallery

Proven success with over 500 professional titles, including:

Dying Light The Following 100x126TheWitcher3GTAOnlineHeistsCOD_Advanced_WarfareassassinsCreedSyndicateDestinyNBA2K15ShadowOfMordorSpaceCaptainHarlockBarbieVlogCurious_Case_of_Benjamin_ButtonStina_and_TheWolfEvolve EveOnlineHaloMasterChiefCollectionGrudgeMatchthewalktheCrewSWTOR:KnightsOfTheFallenEmpiretimeCrisis5GodzillaNBA2k14KochidaiyaanDhoom31312_Knack1312_KillzoneShadowFall1309_CaptainHarlock1312_Destiny1305_LeBrons21302_Crysis31212_Republique1212_Maatraan1210_NBA2K131208_SleepingDogs1208_EkThaTiger1203_RERC1110_NBA2k121109_BoardwalkEmpire1106_Infamous21011_Warhammer1010_RDR_UndeadNightmere1010_NBA_2k111009_HaloReach1006_Splice1005_Blur1004_RDR1003_GoWIII1002_Wolfman1002_HotSummerDays1001_Ao20911_AssassinsCreedII0910_OF20910_NBA_2k100910_BalladOfGayTony0906_WarOfTheWorlds0906_FloRidaJumo0905_BEP0902_LostAndTheDamned0810_MidnightClubLA0812_CCBB0808_Mummy30807_UnrealTournament30807_MeetDave0807_GnarlsBarkleySaveMySoul0806_TopSpin30804_GTA_IV0803_BullyScholarship0802_DevilMayCry40710_Manhunt20708_Lair0707_HarryPotterPSP VCS FOB_Mock_70701_BattlestationsMidway0611_SOCOM_USNavySeal0611_Socom_Combined_Assault0610_ReservoirDogs0603_TableTennis0603_SyphonFilterDarkMirror0602_24_TheGame0511_OperationSpy0511_Harry_Potter_And_The_Goblet_Of_Fire0510_Warriors0510_GTA_LibertyCityStories0510_CallOfDuty20504_Midnight_Club_3_Dub_Edition-USA0506_Juiced0501_GetawayBlackMonday0411_RogueAgent0411_MGS_SnakeEater0411_GTASanAndrees