2K Case Study

The success of sports games relies on engendering a sense of reality – not just in the ebb and flow of the sport itself, but in selling the player on the fantasy that they really are in the sneakers of their favourite players. To capture that sense of authenticity in its famous basketball series, 2K relies on the fidelity of Faceware…

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Atomic Fiction Case Study

How do you transport Joseph Gordon-Levitt 1,300ft above the Manhattan skyline without putting him in danger, while also showcasing him as an accomplished wire walker with a lifetime’s worth of practice? When you’re working with Faceware on your side, anything is possible…

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CGI Face Project Case Study

Faceware’s capture solutions enable true-to-life performances across the spectrum of media, but Jim Su and his collaborators are hoping to take things a step further: pushing CGI faces to the next level of realism. Faceware Analyzer and Retargeter are on hand to help them advance the industry’s gold standard for faces.

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Counter Punch Studios and House of Moves Case Study

What’s the secret behind Barbie’s half-century of success? That would be Mattel’s ability to shift with the times. For its latest trick, Mattel gave its star her very own vlog; it was just up to House of Moves, their innovative software ‘Helibug’, and CounterPunch Studios – with help from Faceware – to bring her emotive webcam performance to life.

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Deakin Motion.Lab Case Study

Virtual production is on the rise, and Melbourne’s Deakin Motion.Lab is at the forefront of that wave, translating live motion and facial capture into real-time CGI animation that can be molded and tweaked in the moment. Deakin’s disruptive work is revolutionizing the way that animation is produced, and Faceware Live technology helps add the needed nuance to bring it all together…

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Digic Pictures Case Study

The world-famous Call of Duty series is synonymous with explosive blockbuster entertainment, but fans of the franchise know Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is about more than just bullets and high-octane action. This amazing entry spins its narrative around the human element of war, and that required ground-breaking facial animation to achieve the necessary emotional impact in its cinematic cut scenes. Working under the leadership of Advanced Warfare’s development studio, Sledgehammer Games, it was up to Digic Pictures – along with help from Faceware Technologies – to deliver.

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Formosa Interactive Case Study

Facial capture within a voiceover booth is sometimes seen as a technological constraint on artistic performance – but this needn’t be the case. By integrating Faceware’s ProHD Headcam hardware into its pipeline, sound studio Formosa Interactive can deliver simultaneous facial and audio capture without breaking the rhythm of performance or production.

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Invader Studios Case Study

Faceware Realtime for iClone absolutely reduces the gap between indie and triple-A studios, empowering smaller developers like Invader to achieve excellent quality facial animations with ease.

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North Carolina Aquariums’ Caretta’s Cove Case Study

Static exhibits are growing increasingly obsolete; today’s installations often harness interactive technology to deliver content that entertains as much as it informs. That’s precisely the thinking behind North Carolina Aquariums’ Caretta’s Cove exhibition, where Faceware Live empowers educators to produce a live, dynamic character animation in total real-time…

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The Sequence Group Case Study

Master Chief John-117 may have spent the majority of his video game career hidden behind thick armour plating, but in Halo: Fall of Reach we see the iconic hero unmasked – both figuratively and literally. It was up to Sequence Group and Faceware to ensure Master Chief’s facial animation – as well as that of the diverse Halo cast – delivered the strong sense of personality that has seen the character endure for over 15 years.

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University of Portsmouth Case Study

With Stina & the Wolf, Portsmouth University’s FOAM Digital is finding new ways to educate the CG industry’s next generation of stars. Read on to learn how Faceware Technology has helped empower both the studio and its students.

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VRWERX Case Study

VRWERX is spearheading a new wave of immersive VR horror with Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul – and with the Faceware ProHD Headcam and software Creative Suite in its VR pipeline it’s elevating this terror further, enabling a fast turnaround on terrifyingly lifelike animation…

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